Adventure Drives is a unique travel agency, offering luxurious automotive focused travel.

Do you own a car you just love to drive? Only take it to cars and coffee or the occasional drive? What about your itch to travel? Do you love going to incredible locations only to fly there and rent a boring car? What if you could combine your love of travel, food, adventure and most importantly a fun car? Well that’s what Adventure Drives is. We started this company to help the automotive enthusiast experience incredible places in their own car or a car they have always wanted to drive.

At Adventure Drives, we take care of everything. From the moment you arrive, your job is to focus on the incredible driving ahead and make life long new friends. We curate the entire route, the hotels, the meals, and all the activities. We have a full staff to take care of any need you might have during our trips. Our trips are extremely fun and laid back but also filled with incredible times. We make sure there is a great balance of driving and activities so you don’t arrive to your hotels exhausted. After all, we stay at some of the best hotels in some of the most incredible places on the planet. Are you ready to experience a vacation unlike any other?


We curate everything. The roads, the meals, the hotels, everything. You focus on the driving, we will take care of everything else. From incredible activities to awe-inspiring roads, our collection of destinations is unmatched.

2024 Rocky Mountains
2024 Germany
2024 Charleston

“The moment I heard about this, I knew I had to be a part of it! The biggest plus on this trip for me is the people, people that I would have never otherwise met, gone to places I would have never gone to, and experienced things I would have never experienced.”

Wayne M. from NY

“It is a road trip on steroids! This was the road trip of a lifetime!”

Jackelin F. from TX

“I basically felt like I found a new family.”

David P. from GA

“It’s like something out of a Disney movie, it’s just awesome!”

Scott G. from NY

“It’s like if Top Gear and Anthony Bourdain had a baby”

Dan S. from NY