Our staff is what truly separates Adventure Drives from other trips. They have all travelled extensively, love cars and have a genuine passion for making sure you have an unforgettable experience. 

Rob Ferretti


Rob Ferretti has been designing and hosting automotive driving events for over 12 years. His passion for driving started in 2000 when he acquired a Corvette which he still has to this day. He has worked with Gotham Dream Cars for the past 10 years, a leader in its field of luxury and Exotic car rental.
Sports cars and travel are two life long and ever growing passions of Robs, as is evidenced from his small fleet of performance oriented sports cars, and the wear on the bottom of his overnight bag. Rob created the Super Speeders series documenting his personal adventures and travels around the world. If there is one thing he is good at, its finding amazing places, and fun ways of getting there. A good time is always guaranteed, the fun way of getting from point to point is your responsibility, and if you don’t have one, he’ll be happy to rent you one.

Shivam Parikh


Shivam Parikh is a developer and creator of technology platforms. Although his day job revolves around the technology world, one of his biggest passions is the automotive industry. He started out as a consultant to Mercedes-Benz North America in 2000 helping them defining the future of a new concept of Media production and delivery. Currently Shivam is the president of Ground Support Labs, a company that creates customer facing technologies for large brands. If you know him well, you will probably see him in something Japanese and modified on our Adventure Drives.

JF Musial


J.F. Musial is a pioneer of online video content for automotive enthusiasts. Joining Next New Networks in 2006, J.F. was the Producer of one of the longest running video series on the internet, FastLaneDaily, up until his departure in 2010. After leaving Next New Networks when it was acquired by Google in 2010, J.F. co-founded TangentVector, a digital production agency tailored to the automotive industry. As President and CEO, J.F. has overseen the production of hundreds of hours of online video content for Ford, Porsche, General Motors, McLaren Automotive, Vespa, Aprilia, Lexus, Lotus, Maserati, and Pirelli, delivering more than 800 million video views. In late 2011, J.F. co-founding /DRIVE with Chris Harris. As Executive Producer responsible for the content portfolio and distribution strategy, he grew the brand to over 10 million video downloads per month and 900,000 subscribers in under two years.

Marina Gudovich

Trip Coordinator

Marina Gudovich is a woman that wears many hats. In addition to keeping Rob and Shivam in check, she is a Director for a Global Market Research firm, a real estate agent, a freelance event planner, oh and a florist. She’s worked with Adventure Drives affiliate company, Gotham Dream Cars, for the past four years coordinating driving experiences in New York City. She’s joining the boys to ensure that all the little details run smoothly making your experience unforgettable.

Scott Neener


Scott is usually taking point on our trips, he has been on every Adventure Drives trip since we started and is just good at everything. On our trips, feel free to reach out to Scott with any needs and he’ll take care of you, just make sure he keeps his fingers away from your beer. Scott loves talking about vintage Kung Fu movies, just fire up the conversation when you have a tall drink in hand.

Tom Barnhart

Like Scott…also Logistics

What can we say about Tom that we haven’t already said about Scott? Well, Tom has only been on three Adventure Drives, otherwise he is just as capable as Scott. He attends Adventure Drives trips while he is waiting for a Broadway version of X-men to be cast. He also has an epic collection of sock puppets. If you have a question about country music Tom is your guy!

How We Started Our Engines

From a random road trip to leading the market in luxury automotive focued travel

Adventure Drives started over 5 years ago when Rob, Shivam and JF realized there was a gap in the luxury travel market for automotive enthusiasts who wanted to take a vehicle on long journeys. It seems like there was a way to take an incredible river cruise, a safari, or a train through the Orient, but there was no way to drive the national parks with an incredible vehicle on a guided route. From there, Adventure Drives was born.

Drawing on our vast experience of self guided road trips, participation in other “rally” style events and through our passion for visiting incredible locations around the world we formed our first large trip product, AD00. It was a friends and family type event that we had approximately 5 vehicles driving through the Western part of the US. Doing a loop, starting and ending in Denver, we determined how to curate routes, find hotels and incredible destinations.

From our humble beginnings we have grown to offering 2-3 trips a year with our banner trip always carrying the AD moniker. We also offer Adventure style tours where driving a sports car is not necessarily the focus. We started this concept in 2019 with our Iceland trip and it proved to be wildly successful. Where we go from here is just as exciting as the open road. Keep an eye on our website for some new and innovating tours. No matter how diverse our trips get, we will always focus on our core values:

  • Find and curate the best driving roads in the world

  • Allow our customers to make lifelong friends

  • Stay at the most spectacular hotels

  • Visit world class and bucket list attractions

  • Make the dining as memorable as the drive


We work with the very best. We are proud of our partners, who work with us to help deliver the best experience for you in bespoke automotive travel.


The details matter. No request is too big or too small for our team. If it matters to you, it matters to us.